The Big Machine (Promo Video)

Promo video for The Big Machine by Continuum.
Curated by Caitlin Scott and Rainddawg.
The Houston Foundry, August 2014

Submission (Highlights)

Submission by Continuum,
18 durational performance art pieces happening simultaneously in one space.
Documented by Baltazar Canales
Edited by Jonatan Lopez
Music: Uritual by Boards of Canada
Continuum Headquarters (Summer St, Studios) Houston, TX September 2013.

Participating artists:
Joshua Yates, Ryan Hawk, Daniel Bertalot, Karen Mazzu, Renee Cosette Pedersen, Josh Urban Davis, Hilary Scullane, Raindawg, Jana Whatley, Neil Ellis Orts, Y. E. Torres, Koomah, Tina McPherson & Sandy Ewen, Evan McCarley, Julia Wallace, Jonatan Lopez, Chris Meadows and Emmanuel Nuno Arambula.

Special thanks to David B. Collins, a Continuum active artist, for serving as the guide of the event.

Submission (Promo Video)

By their nature, art objects possess an authoritative aura in the way they are set aside from other objects. This allows the object to serve as a catalyst for a transcendental experience. However, this requires a submission on behalf of the artist and the observer to the hegemony of the object. When this relationship is observed in performance art, the object becomes the action itself and time becomes a powerful catalyst for transcendence. In durational performance, the artist contorts their reality and body into a poetic expression, and allows this enterprise to occupy a prolonged period of time. In this way, the submissive relationship of the creator, observer, and creation is revealed – Josh Urban Davis

Continuum is pleased to present Submission, a durational performance art experience in which each of the artists will display aspects of this relationship by performing their pieces simultaneously, exploring the power and meaning that is held in this voluntary state of submission.

September 6, 2013. 9-12pm. 2500 Summer St. Houston TX.

Music: Convex by Fusilarbol
Shot and edited by Jonatan Lopez.

Lone Star Explosion 2014 (Promo Video)

FEBRUARY 19th-23rd 2014

President Head Projections, Collaboration with Hilary Scullane

Conceived by Hilary Scullane
Sound by Fusilarbol with Guadalupe Rocha (voice samples: Hilary Scullane and Deth Breath)
First performance at Critical Mass After Party at Summer St Studios, June 2013

Photo Courtesy of Craig ArtMutt

Photo Courtesy of Craig ArtMutt

Second performance at Countercrawl 8, same venue. July 2013.

Continuum Live Art Series (Promo Video)

Promo Video for Continuum Live Art Series
Six month artist residency at AvantGarden, Houston TX

Bogus (Music Video)

Third video from sound project Fusilarbol

Stanley Video LSD (Music Video)

Second video of sound project Fusilarbol

Habitat (Music Video)

First music video from sound project FUSILARBOL

Lone Star Explosion (Promo Video)

Official promo video for Lone Star Explosion, Houston International Performance Art Biennial 2012