Be A Woman

Performed at White Noise, The Clean Laundry Project
Soap Suds Coin Laundry. Houston TX Sept 2012
Presented by Southmorehouse
Documented by Hilary Scullane

Recreations of Marina Abramovic and Ulay’s Works

These slightly reconsidered recreations of “Imponderabilia” and “Light/Dark” by Marina Abramovic and Ulay were performed at Soutmorehouse’s Naked Tu-Tu Tuesday event at Notsuoh in July 2012, in collaboration with Sway Youngston.




Images courtesy of Dean Liscum



Sun Offering Ritual

This performance, in collaboration with Sway Youngston, was developed in the form of a ritual to honor our mother star, The Sun. It involved communal chants and personal sacrifice. Our beautiful audience, eager to participate, activated the performance in unexpected ways. It was a wonderful experience.

The Light Party @ The Railyard, Houston TX, Summer Solstice 2012.
Special thanks to Sonia Praga, Guadalupe Rocha and Baltazar Canales.

Part 1 by Baltazar Canales

Part 2


Photo Courtesy of Dena Yenowsky

Beauty is Useless Fluff

Continuum’s Unsplit Show
Notsuoh, Houston Tx June 2012
Documented by Rowdy Tidwell
Facilitated by Continuum

Images courtesy of Hilary Scullane

Sura 4, A Stoning.

Streamed Live for Low Lives 4, International Festival of Networked Performances
Facilitated by Jorge Rojas
Special Thanks to T.McPherson and Mike James
My Apartment, Houston TX. April 2012


Conceived by Jonatan Lopez
Performed by Sway Youngston and Jonatan Lopez
Lone Star Performance Explosion
Houston International Performance Art Biennale 2012
AvantGarden, Houston TX. March 2012

00:11:11:00. Death Star Sighting

A planet has been given to you. If you cannot protect it, no one will.
iPerform, Closing Night by Continuum
Spacetaker ARC Gallery. Houston TX. August 2011
Documented by Rowdy Tidwell



Images Courtesy of Hilary Scullane


A performance about relationship drama.
KALI by Continuum. Orange Show, Houston TX. January 2012



Photos Courtesy of Alex Barber

Sodom, Uncut

Preached¬† at “Explicitly Chingonas, the Art of Sexual Taboos”
East End Studio Gallery. Houston TX. January 2012
Documented by Tina McPherson.


Images courtesy of Alex Barber

Telepathy at Menil Park

Through a guided meditation, participants attempted to exchange positive existential concepts, visualizing the strings as channels of communication.

Facilitated by Continuum
Performed during BYOP III at Menil Park, November 2011

    Photo by Brian Scott, merged with the universe