Meditation Lounge

Blessing the Water, Performed by Julia Claire Wallace.
facilitated by Continuum, photo by Hilary Scullane

This project by Continuum was developed with the desire for creating an oasis for the students of HCC Northeast Campus and for the general public to escape the daily routine.  A series of interactive installations created by Continuum members called “Meditation Stations”  where on view and activated  at the HCC Northline Gallery, situated in the first floor and center of the campus building, Some of the stations feature written and audible instructions, allowing the participants to immerse themselves into a state of deep relaxation and self awareness.

Continuum’s participating members:

Meghan Carey, Koomah, Jonatan Lopez, Raindawg, Hilary Scullane, Julia Wallace, Sway Youngston.

June-July 2011

Vessel States

This interactive installation was developed within my Summer Studio Artist Residency at
Project Row Houses in August-September 2009. It consisted of four site-specific sculptures
depicting the human body in a state of agony, containing contrasting views on religion
collected from the surrounding community, and a fifth interactive sculpture in the shape
of a cross.

During the opening attendees were invited to uncover the messages by striking
the sculptures with hammers and to write a response on blank frames hanging
on the walls. They were also invited to enter a submissive meditative state by
being blindfolded and affixed to the cross.



Project Row Houses. Houston TX. 2009

Repair-Destroy // Preserve

This small interactive installations were created for the group
exhibit You Were Beautiful When I Lost You
HCC Northline Gallery.
Houston TX. December 2010

Repair/Destroy. Ceramic figurines, hammer and glue.

“Repair-Destroy” invited attendees to break or repair two identical ceramic
figurines of cats.

Preserve. Linoleum print by unknown artist, dead leaves, glass jar, human ashes and water.

“Preserve,” in memory of a lost pet, consisted of a jar containing water, human ashes and a linoleum print of a cat, producing a snow-globe when activated by movement.

Beef: Cattle that is reared for its meat

Multimedia installation at The Kenmore within Box 13 ArtSpace
October 1st 2011, Houston Tx

Ingredients: Raw beef, Manwich Barbecue Sauce, milk carton, egg beaters
VCR head cleaners, stolen footage, heavy rope, cutting saw, beefy specimen,
obsession, lust.

Images by Hilary Scullane