President Head Projections, Collaboration with Hilary Scullane

Conceived by Hilary Scullane
Sound by Fusilarbol with Guadalupe Rocha (voice samples: Hilary Scullane and Deth Breath)
First performance at Critical Mass After Party at Summer St Studios, June 2013

Photo Courtesy of Craig ArtMutt

Photo Courtesy of Craig ArtMutt

Second performance at Countercrawl 8, same venue. July 2013.

Bogus (Music Video)

Third video from sound project Fusilarbol

Stanley Video LSD (Music Video)

Second video of sound project Fusilarbol

Habitat (Music Video)

First music video from sound project FUSILARBOL

Given To Fly

A series of flying exercises.
Continuum’s performance art retreat “Beach Fuck It Bingo”
Performed and facilitated by Continuum.
October 2011. Terramar Beach TX.


In late June 2011, #god embedded and posted naked parts
of his vulnerable body through several social networks,
allowing for humanity to click and save.

Click on the image above to enter god.

#notmethough, Curation Myth Ministries. Box 13 ArtSpace. Houston TX.

F The Sex Tape

Released at “Death Sex”, an art & indie rock show at El Rincon Social.
Curated by Julia Wallace. Houston TX. July 2010