A Most Powerful Adversary

The letters “IS IS” were written on my butt cheeks.
They did as they pleased for 5 minutes.
It was ok and not ok.
Documented by Ronald Jones
Performance Art Night, Notsuoh
November 2015

















Images by Ronald Jones

Performance Artist For Sale

Performed at Full Buck
Documented by Ronald Jones
Additional Footage by Ted Viens
Featuring Ben Corley as “Business Representative”
Facilitated by Continuum
El Rincon Social, Houston, Tx. July 2015

Performance Artist For Sale 1








Performance Artist For Sale 2







Performance Artist For Sale 3








Images by Alex Barber


Performed at Subliminal Fixtures
Documented by Ronald Jones
Facilitated by Continuum
January 2015, The East-Klectic, Apartment Gallery/Airbnb, Houston TX
Approximate duration: 30 minutes.










Images by RC