Roaming Over In Search For A Fuck

Found steel. 2011 (sold)

Elongated Object


Found Steel. 2011 (sold)

Uncommon Object


Found steel. 2011 (sold)


9.10.11 Unspoken

                                                                    Image by Baltazar Canales

On September 10th 2011, The Temple in conjunction with Death Star held 9.10.11. Unspoken,
     a free of speech performance event. Eight male artists and one male dog presented visual and sound
     works united by a common interest in meditation practices, planetary alignments and the mysteries of
     human consciousnesses. The humans that attended remained silent for the entire duration of the event.
Daniel-Kayne and John Pitale welcomed the audience with The Seduction of  Toth. 
Part 1 of an  improvised  sound and vibrations piece, employing gongs and other instruments arranged in an elaborate installation.


Detail of  installation by Daniel Kayne, Images by Jonatan Lopez

For Apopstosis, Rowdy Tidwell invited the audience to relinquish their fears
by writing them on his body.



Images by Jonatan Lopez
Carlos Baltazar Canales performed a solo piece with cymbals entitled Sciessence.


For Feed The Beast, Bryce Galbraith shared with us a feeding ritual with his dog. He fed his beloved friend while looking at constellations in his phone App.


Images by Jonatan Lopez

Alex Tu performed an abstract  meditative sound piece aided by an installation
of numerous speakers.

Image by Baltazar Canales

For a performance entitled 00:11:11:00.A, I gave fruits to our human audience that represented the nine planets in our solar system, then became possessed by  a death star and traveled at slow shutter speed around the space attempting to steal their planets. I took a bite  off Venus, I kidnapped Mercury and pulverized Saturn.The rest of the planets were kept safe by the humans. The performance lasted 11 minutes and 11 seconds.


Images by Baltazar Canales

Jonathan Jindra’s contribution for the event was an experimental short film entitled Human Devices.

Daniel-Kayne and John Pitale finalized the event by gradually inducing the attending humans into a state of meditation with Tongues of Trinity, for which Baltazar Canales joined them.

Curated by Daniel-Kayne and Jonatan Lopez

Meditation Lounge

Blessing the Water, Performed by Julia Claire Wallace.
facilitated by Continuum, photo by Hilary Scullane

This project by Continuum was developed with the desire for creating an oasis for the students of HCC Northeast Campus and for the general public to escape the daily routine.  A series of interactive installations created by Continuum members called “Meditation Stations”  where on view and activated  at the HCC Northline Gallery, situated in the first floor and center of the campus building, Some of the stations feature written and audible instructions, allowing the participants to immerse themselves into a state of deep relaxation and self awareness.

Continuum’s participating members:

Meghan Carey, Koomah, Jonatan Lopez, Raindawg, Hilary Scullane, Julia Wallace, Sway Youngston.

June-July 2011

Given To Fly

A series of flying exercises.
Continuum’s performance art retreat “Beach Fuck It Bingo”
Performed and facilitated by Continuum.
October 2011. Terramar Beach TX.


In late June 2011, #god embedded and posted naked parts
of his vulnerable body through several social networks,
allowing for humanity to click and save.

Click on the image above to enter god.

#notmethough, Curation Myth Ministries. Box 13 ArtSpace. Houston TX.

Beef: Cattle that is reared for its meat (Trailer)

Trailer for film a short film shown inside milk carton within the installation
Beef: Cattle that is reared for its meat

The Kenmore, Houston TX. October 2011

00:11:11:00. Death Star Sighting

A planet has been given to you. If you cannot protect it, no one will.
iPerform, Closing Night by Continuum
Spacetaker ARC Gallery. Houston TX. August 2011
Documented by Rowdy Tidwell



Images Courtesy of Hilary Scullane

Feeling Ethereal 1

Feeling Ethereal 1. Found steel, 2009. (sold)