Meditation Lounge

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Blessing the Water, Performed by Julia Claire Wallace.
facilitated by Continuum, photo by Hilary Scullane

This project by Continuum was developed with the desire for creating an oasis for the students of HCC Northeast Campus and for the general public to escape the daily routine.  A series of interactive installations created by Continuum members called “Meditation Stations”  where on view and activated  at the HCC Northline Gallery, situated in the first floor and center of the campus building, Some of the stations feature written and audible instructions, allowing the participants to immerse themselves into a state of deep relaxation and self awareness.

Continuum’s participating members:

Meghan Carey, Koomah, Jonatan Lopez, Raindawg, Hilary Scullane, Julia Wallace, Sway Youngston.

June-July 2011

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