Death Star: The Conference

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This performance event examined apocalyptic theories such as the imminent arrival of a hypothetical dwarf star in our solar system called Nibiru and its disastrous effects in our planet while proposing the idea that everything we see and do is a virtual manifestation of our deepest emotions, Love and Fear.

In a series of videos, Eric Anthony Crew explained the philosophy behind Sacred Geometry, exposed his research pertaining to the concepts of reality and consciousnesses, and shared his views on the upcoming ascension of humanity into a higher state of consciousness, linked to the end of the Mayan calendar.

Julia Wallace prepared us to deal with the dark content of the program by painting a third eye in our foreheads and guiding us through a meditation session, aided by a recording of her voice enhanced with futuristic sound effects.

Sway Youngston and Raindawg impersonated two members of a new cosmic religion called “The Alphas.” They studied with us two newspaper articles from the future containing information about a group of artists that exposed classified NASA files in the year 2011 through a project called Death Star, the rise of their own religion, the theories of Nibiru and Depopulation , and the imprisonment of conceptual artist Jonatan Lopez.

Alex Tu improvised a sound performance that invited the audience to close their eyes and travel into outer space through abstract vibrational frequencies.

Keith Brimmer and Jonathan Richie showed us how to infuse a joint with love. Keith played a guitar cover of ‘Love Song’ by The Cure to Jonathan rolling two fat joints that were smoked in the patio during Death Star’s private after party.

Raindawg played an audio recording by FBI agent Roland Skinner, explaining how he infiltrated the cult-like performance art group Continuum and became aware of the declassification of NASA files through the art project called Death Star.

Stephanie Saint Sanchez shared with us her film “This One Time in Texas,” featuring colorful characters preparing for an imminent apocalypse.James Ciosek constructed Sun Hunter v2. a solar power bicycle made to withstand an apocalypse, equipped with hunting gear, solar power grids, and many other useful features. Sunhunter was on display on the front lawn of Skydive.

Continuum performed ‘Shiva Renaissance,” a poem that artist Levi Rosen composed for the occasion.

I impersonated a blind priest, recited the lyrics of Built Then Burnt, a song by ‘A Silver Mount Zion’ and guided the audience through a final affirmation, encouraging them to conquer their apocalyptic fears with Love.

“The artist that does not want to be named” provided refreshments for the after party, during which we played more songs, engaged in interesting dialogue and thanked the universe for the new friendships and bonds we encountered.

Death Star: The Conference was inspired by the final messages of Daniel Crew (a former NASA pilot) and dedicated to honor his legacy.

Special thanks to Eric Anthony Crew, Sarrita Hunn, Ryan Thayer, Ana Guzman, Carrie Schneider, Jason Jeffrey, Skydive and ‘the artist that does not want to be named.

Images courtesy of Carrie Schneider, Jason Jeffrey, Ana Guzman and Tonya CatLady.

Conceived by Jonatan Lopez

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