Lone Star Explosion 2014, Highlights

Lone Star Explosion 2014, Houston’s Second International Performance Art Biennale took place from February 19th-22nd at three of Houston’ s venerated performance art venues, Box 13 ArtSpace, Art League Houston and Notsuoh, as well as in public spaces and online.LSE 2014 was directed and curated by Julia Wallace and Jonatan Lopez, it was organized with the help of a very enthusiastic artist board and many wonderful volunteers.

Participating artists: Carlos Martiel (Cuba), Abel Azcona (Spain), Miao Jiaxin (China/US), Elia Arce (Costa Rica), La Pocha Nostra, featuring Roberto Sifuentes and Erica Mott (US/Mex) Marcel Sparmann (Germany), Aisen Caro Chacin (Venezuela/US), Fito Segrera (Colombia), Emilio Rojas (Mexico) Autumn Hays (Chicago), Jill McDermid (NYC), Erik Hokanson (NYC) Emaes Armstrong (DC) J. Morrison (NYC), Jim Pirtle (Houston) Justus Harris (Chicago), David Graeve (Houston), Michael Anthony Garcia (Austin), Emily Sloan (Houston) Daniel Adame (Houston), Nestor Topchy (Houston), Myk Henry (New York), Ryan Hawk (Houston), and Autumn Knight (Houston), Daniel Bertalot (Houston), Joshua Yates (Houston), Hilary Scullane (Houston), Unna Bettie (Houston), Josh Urban Davis (Houston), (Countercollectivecollectivecollective (Houston), Southmorehouse (Houston). Performance SW, featuring Courtney Brown and Alison Star (Dallas), Continuum, featuring Evan Mc Carley, Emmanuel Nuno Arambula, Nikki Thornton, David McClain, Emily Sloan, Kristen Keilman, Jana Whatley, Raindawg, Manola Maldonado, Koomah and Neil Ellis Orts

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