Review of CLAS 4th Night by Julia Wallace

To read a review of Continuum Live Art Series 4th Night at AvantGarden
by Julia Wallace click on the image below.

President Head Projections, Collaboration with Hilary Scullane

Conceived by Hilary Scullane
Sound by Fusilarbol with Guadalupe Rocha (voice samples: Hilary Scullane and Deth Breath)
First performance at Critical Mass After Party at Summer St Studios, June 2013

Photo Courtesy of Craig ArtMutt

Photo Courtesy of Craig ArtMutt

Second performance at Countercrawl 8, same venue. July 2013.

Cemetery Trees (Live) by Fusilarbol @ The Hilary and Nikki Show

Constructed and mixed live.
The Hilary and Nikky Show.
Hardy N’ Nance Gallery, Houston TX. May 2013
Documented by Hilary Scullane

Special thanks to Nikki and Claire Richards


Untitled feelings and recycled thoughts,
soon they will become new species commemorating
your rustic walls and floors and windows.
I will fall ill if I do not inhabit you.

Continuum Live Art Series
Documented by Ted Viens
Avant Garden. Houston, TX. March 2013

My Filthy Self

A performance about impurity.
Continuum Live Art Series, Fourth Night.
AvantGarden, Houston TX. March 2013.
Documented by Julia Wallace

what makes you feel at ease

What is your best childhood memory?
What would make you the happiest person in the world right now?
Where would you like to go for vacation this summer?
Which was the best day of your life?
Who is your best friend?
What is your favorite love song?
What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Which of your dreams have come true?
When were you kissed for the first time?
Who do you love?
Who loves you?
What makes you feel free?
What makes you feel at ease?

Continuum Live Art Series, Third Night
AvantGarden, Houston TX. January 2013
Documented by Julia Wallace

Minotaur Blues

A performance about loss and healing.
Continuum Live Art Series, Opening Night.
AvantGarden, Houston TX. November 2012
Documented by Baltazar Canales and Ted Viens

Dedicated to Daniel-Kayne and Roscoe

Image courtesy of Steve Patlan

Image courtesy of Hilary Sculllane

Review of CLAS Opening Night by The Great God Pan is Dead

To read a review Continuum’s Live Art Series Opening Night
by Dean Liscum click on the images below.

Know Thy Self

Continuum Live Art Series, Opening Night Part 1. Image Courtesy of Steve Patlan

Continuum Live Art Series, Opening Night Part 2. Image Courtesy of Dean Liscum

New Wearable Sculptures from ‘Found Subjects’ Series, Photographed by David Ngyuen

GRTHH, Found Steel, 2012
Photo Courtesy of David Nguyen
Model: Jordan K. Curran


ROBUST, Found Steel, 2012
 Photo Courtesy of David Nguyen
Model: Yossuana Aguilar
(Piece in progress)
Photo courtesy of David Nguyen
Model: Svage Solace JuicyEnt

Fusilarbol Live at Countercrawl 666

First live set by Fusilarbol, a recent sound and video project.
Featuring Sway Youngston as Faceless Dancing Cowgirl.
Documented by Raindwag
Facilitated by Countercrawl.
Countercrawl 666, Moebelake. Houston Texas. October 2012
Special thanks to Baltazar Canales

Set List:

01- Habitat
02- Stanley Video LSD
03- Bogus
04- Keyboard Thy Clone
03- Ether (Grimes reduced cover)

To visit Fusilarbol’s Soundcloud click on the picture below: