The Big Machine

The Big Machine is a visual and performance art exhibition facilitated by Houston’s performance art group Continuum scheduled for Saturday July 12th, 9pm to 2am at The Foundry/Hardy Yards Community Garden. The event will feature installation and performance works, pyrotechnics, and an art auction, followed by the burning of unsold art. The night will culminate in a full-on ruckus at the Hardy Yards with drumming, strumming, dancing, chanting and glossolalia.
The Big Machine is a reflection on gentrification and human displacement. The artists will bring into question the artist’s role in this process. The Big Machine explores the power of artists to react, question, and subvert the process of gentrification. The Big Machine features an alternate socialistic economy for how contributions will be distributed. Art will be sold at auction on a 75/25 split favoring the artist. After expenses are met, remaining proceeds will be divided equally among all participating artists/performers.

Participating Artists:

Alex Tu, Unna Bettie, David Graeve, Emmanuel Nuño Arámbula, Caitlin Scott, Adrienne Elyse Meyers, Jeff Hunter, Raindawg, Evan McCarley, April Ward, Baltazar Canales, Boby Kalloor, Jonatan Lopez, Chris Comperry, Angelika Muscolo-Dieter, Thien Ho, Scott Gregory, Mike Abramovitz, Jonathan Jindra, Jeff Bradley, Josh Urban Davis, Kris Smith, Guadalupe Rocha, Genie LeGenie, Y. E. Torres and The MDSO Flow & Spinning Arts.


Luke Lukas
Howl and The Rougarou
Say Girl Say

Curated by Caitlin Scott and Raindawg

Houston Foundry
1710 Burnett Street
Houston, TX 77026

Video edited by Jonatan Lopez
Music by Authechre